Restauracja Warszawska

Restauracja Warszawska was the only restaurant in Zagłębie region recognized with the culinary hat Gault&Millau 2018! The yellow guidebook used the following words to describe us:

“It may seem to the Guests that when they leave the restaurant they will find themselves in the street surrounded by historic automobiles rather than modern cars.”

Gault&Millau. Poland. Yellow guide 2016

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday: 14:00 - 22:00
Friday: 14:00 - 23:00
Saturday: 13:00 - 23:00
Sunday: 13:00 - 22:00

Wine list

selected offers from a rich menu of old and new world wines
Prosecco Doc Extra Dry Montelvini

Prosecco Doc Extra Dry Montelvini

Wine with clear, small bubbles, appearing on the whole surface of the glass. Fully sparkling, with aromas of fresh fruit, especially citrus, apple and pear, with a delicate floral note in the background. Perfectly balanced in the mouth, with semi-dry character typical for Prosecco. The best wine to start every meal, party, meeting or evening. Grapes picked by hand in the Prosecco region. Wine created using the Charmata method. The second fermentation takes place in a metal tank under pressure. Extended ageing on the sediment. After fermentation, the wine isobarically filtered and bottled.

Nekas Chardonnay wytrawne / dry Bodegas Nekeas Chardonnay D.O. Toro

Nekas Chardonnay wytrawne / dry Bodegas Nekeas Chardonnay D.O. Toro

Light straw colour with green reflections. The wine is fresh and crisp, with aromas of citrus and tropical fruit. In the mouth quite light, intensely aromatic, with a vivid acidity. Excellent everyday wine. Vineyard recognised by Robert Parker as the most future-oriented vineyard in the Navarra region. Chardonnay grapes are harvested in the north-eastern part of the valley which give the grapes a high acidity and introduces the necessary balance to the wine. Both varieties are vinified separately in metal tanks. In the vinification process, a short maceration was used, and the must obtained by the "saignee" method (without pressing) was subjected to long fermentation at low temperature. The wines are combined together before bottling.

Tenuta Grimani Pinot Grigio I.G.T. Venezia Dryv

Tenuta Grimani Pinot Grigio I.G.T. Venezia Dry

Determined yellow colour with green reflections. Fresh, very mineral wine with a lively and intense fruity taste dominated by tropical fruits. Creamy and delicious with an elegant finish. Grapes grow on volcanic-loamy soil. Manual harvesting takes place in the first week of September. The wine is fermented in steel tanks and aged for 3 months, followed by a minimum of 45 days in a bottle. Annual production of 4,000 bottles. Pinot Grigio grapes have a red colour, to create white wine the bunch is peeled. 

Acanto Primitivo Cantine Ionis I.G.T. Salento Dry

Acanto Primitivo Cantine Ionis I.G.T. Salento Dry

Dark red colour with purple reflections. A rich fruity aroma, dominated by dark fruits such as blackberries, blackcurrant and plum. Full body wine with an excellent structure and perfect balance of flavours. At the end of the jam in combination with gingerbread spices. Grapes picked by hand from old bushes at the perfect time of maturity. Alcoholic fermentation occurs in a metal tank and the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation initiated by the vintner. The wine is filtered and stabilised in tanks before bottling.

Chateau Pontet Bel Air Chateau Haut Pougnan A.O.C. Bordeaux Dry

Chateau Pontet Bel Air Chateau Haut Pougnan A.O.C. Bordeaux Dry

Beautiful ruby colour, slightly shiny. The wine has clear notes of red fruit, with a slightly plum-chocolate background. In the mouth of the average Bordeaux construction, with a juicy acidity and well-defined structure of tannins. Perfectly balanced wine. Red fruit, currant and slightly earthy background appear in the taste again. An excellent example of basic, young Bordeaux on a great quality level. A great basic Bordeaux. Vineyards are located on the right bank of the Garonne, where heavier loamy soils predominate with a lot of limestone, on which merlot feels best. Cabernet sauvignon in the vineyards of Pontet Bel Air grows mainly on the ideal gravel substrate. The combination of these two varieties gives the most classic blend from Bordeaux. The grapes are harvested at the optimal stage of maturity. Vinification takes place in stainless steel vats, where the wine matures and is stabilised for a minimum of one year before being released to the market.

Evolucion Carmenere Reserva Casadonso Region Maule Valley Dry

Evolucion Carmenere Reserva Casadonso Region Maule Valley Dry

Violet, intense colour in the glass. The aromas are expressive, the plum and currant dominate, complemented by notes of spices (pepper, cinnamon) and delicately chocolate background. Medium-sized wine, affordable and easy to drink thanks to smooth tannins and subdued acidity. The mouth is dominated by currant notes with a spicy background. Finish of medium length, fruity with a slightly eucalyptus aftertaste and smoky notes coming from ageing in a barrel. It will be a perfect companion of simple dishes based on red meat or tomato sauces. The Maule Valley is one of the oldest wine regions in Chile. Currently, it is experiencing its qualitative renaissance due to the extremely favourable climatic and soil conditions for cultivation of vines. Casa Donoso grows carmenere on very alluvial soils (plotted from river valleys with good drainage). The wine is fermented at controlled temperature, and then 30% of the wine is aged for eight months in French and American oak barrels, the rest in steel vats.

Wlucki, Polska

Co miesiąc uaktualniana sezonowa karta, poza tym stałe dania naprawdę godne polecenia, bywam tam czesto, nigdy sie nie zawiodłem. Rewelacyjna, pomocna obsługa.

Iwonad425, Polska

Klimatyczne i niepowtarzalne miejsce. Restauracja w podziemiach. Mało takich miejsc w Sosnowcu. Miła obsługa. Smacznie!

CzarnaMamba13, Polska

Piękne, klimatyczne miejsce. Jedzenie wyszukane, smaczne wina podawane w niesamowity sposób. Super miejsce. Obsługa na bardzo wysokim poziomie, jej wysoka kultura osobista i profesjonalizm sprawia, że chętnie się tu wraca.

786rafalr, Polska

Wszystko wspaniale, począwszy od obsługi a skończywszy na pożegnaniu nas jako Gości kiedy kończyliśmy przyjęcie. Restauracja była pełna, ale czuliśmy się zaopiekowani, jakbyśmy byli tam sami. Pyszne jedzenie, ilości nie do przejedzenia. Obsługa bardzo pomocna i uśmiechnięta. Cała nasza rodzina była bardzo zadowolona.

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